Thursday, 25 September 2014

pretty puppets!

Hey folks, Kyle here, this week i'm going to show you some making of images for three new sailor puppets i'm in the middle of building.

Above from left to right
Friendly plastic, nut and bolt tie downs, black armature wire, thinner wire for fingers
I started by sketching out the characters bodies.
Then, using twisted black wire i created two legs. I then used friendly plastic to create the leg bones.

Next i created the characters feet by making a loop at the bottom of each leg with the ends of the wire.
I then embedded a small nut into the bottom of the each foot and then covered each one with friendly plastic.
The nuts embedded into the feet are there so that the characters can be screwed into the sets to keep them standing and walking through animation.
I created the arms in much the same way.
The fingers were created using thinner wire and more friendly plastic.
Once attached to one another i had created my three armatures
My next task was to bulk out the puppets, first i used small pieces of furniture foam to build up the muscles and body of the characters.
The foam was attached using a high strength spray cement.
Over the furniture foam i then attached thinner foam to the body to make the characters look
smoother with a more finished look.
Above is a puppet whose body has been foamed and is ready for skin and/or clothes
The fingers were padded out using a soft string covered in a very thin layer of latex
A hand covered in latex and starting to be painted
Any parts of the puppet that will show skin (parts that wont be covered by the clothes) need to be covered in latex and painted up to look smooth
That's all for this week, i'll leave you with a nice picture of our hero looking as happy as ever:
More soon!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Welcome to the Pinkman residence...

Lady Eloise Pinkman is taking bookings as of now, at bargain prices! Every sailor boys pleasureful dream, erotic nightmare and beautiful fantasy!

Her house is made of foamboard, scrap-paper, masking tape and super-sculpey, and tea-stained to within an inch of its life. The gorgeous lady herself was made by Kyle from latex, foam and wire, and was prettified in purple by me. We can't show her fully at the moment, but hopefully the teasing glimpses of her and her luxury apartment will whet your appetites. Go to the bottom, the very bottom, if you dare to gaze upon her supreme prettiness


"GAMMON! My barnacles need a'scrubbin'

Friday, 12 September 2014

Fine Fried Filming Fotos!

"Where... where am I?"
Our High-tech, modern studio.

Co-creator Kyle manipulates some Meat.


Monday, 1 September 2014

Some not so Offal news....

So the adventures of little Gammon Pinkman is coming along nicely.
The animation is coming along great and we thought we'd show you some pictures to keep your appitite quenched.....
Gammon now with feet screwed into the set

Nice shadow being cast by the night lighting (unfortunatly not in the film)

So happy Gammon (don't you think he's cute?)

Gammon outside his mothers house
(Not in film still, he has no clothes really, this was him messing about on set during his precious down time)
Hopefully this will keep you going for now. The animation and sets are moving very smoothly now and we are right on target.

Keep checking the blog for more amazing behind the scenes gammonness!

Ooooh, who could this be, Gammon-watchers???

A half-finished puppet. Who is this mysterious hag? Do you think she will treat young Pinky with kindness?